Avid - Sibelius 7.0.2 HYBRID x86 x64 + Sounds (Content Library Addon)


Avid - Sibelius 7.0.2 HYBRID x86 x64 + Sounds (Content Library Addon)

Avid - Sibelius 7.0.2 HYBRID x86 x64 + Sounds (Content Library Addon)
Avid. Sibelius 7 Sounds. Content Library Addon Inc. Hybrid Installers
Avid - Sibelius 7.0.2 HYBRID x86 x64 + Sounds (Content Library Addon)
Год/Дата Выпуска: 2011
Версия: 7
Разработчик: Avid
Сайт разработчика:


Разрядность: 32bit+64bit
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Совместимость с Windows 7: полная
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: Вылечено
Системные требования:
Minimum requirements for Sibelius 7 software only
* Windows: Windows Vista SP2 with the Platform Update Pack or later, Windows 7 SP1 or later, 1 GB+ RAM, 750 MB hard disk space, DVD-ROM drive
* Mac: Mac OS X 10.6.7 or later, Mac OS X 10.7, 1 GB+ RAM, 750 MB hard disk space, DVD-ROM drive
Recommendations for Sibelius 7 Sounds sample library*
* Windows: Intel Core 2 Duo (or equivalent) or better, 4 GB+ total physical RAM, 40 GB total hard disk space (7200 rpm or faster drive recommended; SSD preferable), ASIO-compatible soundcard
* Mac: Intel Core 2 Duo or better, 4 GB+ total physical RAM, 40 GB total hard disk space (7200 rpm or faster drive recommended; SSD preferable).
* You can use Sibelius 7 Sounds if your computer doesn't meet the recommended requirements,
but you may find that you cannot use as many sounds simultaneously, and that sounds take a long time to load.
При загрузке торрента, отметьте то, что Вам нужно.
Описание раздачи смотрите ниже под спойлером.
Описание программы: Описание раздачи: Доп. информация: BrassBaroque Trumpet Long
BrassBass Trombone Long MW
BrassBass Trombone Portato MW
BrassBass Trombone Tenuto Vel
BrassBass Trumpet Long MW
BrassBass Trumpet Portato MW
BrassBass Trumpet Tenuto Vel
BrassBigger Brass Section
BrassBrass Section
BrassCornet 1 Bright Long
BrassCornet 1 Bright Portato
BrassCornet 1 Bright Tenuto
BrassCornet 2 Warm Long
BrassCornet 2 Warm Portato
BrassCornet 2 Warm Tenuto
BrassEUPHS Staccato
BrassEUPHS Sustains
BrassHorn Ens Long MW
BrassHorn Ens Long Stopmute MW
BrassHorn Ens Portato MW
BrassHorn Ens Portato Stopmute MW
BrassHorn Ens Slurred Stopmute MW
BrassHorn Ens Staccato Stopmute Vel
BrassHorn Ens Tenuto Stopmute Vel
BrassHorn Ens Tenuto Vel
BrassHorn Long Con Sordino MW
BrassHorn Long MW
BrassHorn Long Stopmute MW
BrassHorn Long Stopped MW
BrassHorn Portato Con Sordino MW
BrassHorn Portato MW
BrassHorn Portato Stopped MW
BrassHorn Slurred Stopped MW
BrassHorn Tenuto Con Sordino Vel
BrassHorn Tenuto Vel
BrassJazz Trombone1 Cup
BrassJazz Trombone1 Doits
BrassJazz Trombone1 Falls
BrassJazz Trombone1 Flutter
BrassJazz Trombone1 Growl
BrassJazz Trombone1 Overblown
BrassJazz Trombone1 Plop
BrassJazz Trombone1 Scoop Up
BrassJazz Trombone1 Staccato
BrassJazz Trombone1
BrassJazz Trombone2 Cup
BrassJazz Trombone2 Doits
BrassJazz Trombone2 Falls
BrassJazz Trombone2 Flutter
BrassJazz Trombone2 Growl
BrassJazz Trombone2 Overblown
BrassJazz Trombone2 Plop
BrassJazz Trombone2 Scoop Up
BrassJazz Trombone2 Staccato
BrassJazz Trombone2
BrassJazz Trumpet1 Cup Mute
BrassJazz Trumpet1 Doits
BrassJazz Trumpet1 Falls
BrassJazz Trumpet1 Muted
BrassJazz Trumpet1 Plop
BrassJazz Trumpet1 Plunger Wah
BrassJazz Trumpet1 Scoop Up
BrassJazz Trumpet1 Tonguing
BrassJazz Trumpet1 Trills
BrassJazz Trumpet1
BrassJazz Trumpet2 Cup Mute
BrassJazz Trumpet2 Doits
BrassJazz Trumpet2 Falls
BrassJazz Trumpet2 Muted
BrassJazz Trumpet2 Plop
BrassJazz Trumpet2 Plunger Wah
BrassJazz Trumpet2 Scoop Up
BrassJazz Trumpet2 Tonguing
BrassJazz Trumpet2 Trills
BrassJazz Trumpet2
BrassMariachi Trumpet
BrassMELS Staccato
BrassMELS Sustains
BrassOctave Brass Section
BrassPiccolo Trumpet Long MW
BrassPiccolo Trumpet Portato MW
BrassPiccolo Trumpet Tenuto Vel
BrassPiccolo Trumpet2
BrassTBAS Staccato
BrassTBAS Sustains
BrassTPTS Staccato
BrassTPTS Sustains
BrassTrombone Long Con Sord MW
BrassTrombone Long MW
BrassTrombone Long Vibrato MW
BrassTrombone Portato Con Sord MW
BrassTrombone Portato MW
BrassTrombone Portato Vibrato MW
BrassTrombone Slurred Vibrato MW
BrassTrombone Tenuto Con Sord Vel
BrassTrombone Tenuto Vel
BrassTrombones Long Con Sord MW
BrassTrombones Long MW
BrassTrombones Portato Con Sord MW
BrassTrombones Portato MW
BrassTrombones Tenuto Con Sord MW
BrassTrombones Tenuto Vel
BrassTrumpet Ens Long Con Sord MW
BrassTrumpet Ens Long MW
BrassTrumpet Ens Port Con Sord MW
BrassTrumpet Ens Portato MW
BrassTrumpet Ens Tenuto Con Sord Vel
BrassTrumpet Ens Tenuto Vel
BrassTrumpet1 Long Con Sord MW
BrassTrumpet1 Long MW
BrassTrumpet1 Long Vibrato MW
BrassTrumpet1 Portato Con Sord MW
BrassTrumpet1 Portato MW
BrassTrumpet1 Slurred Vibrato MW
BrassTrumpet1 Tenuto Con Sord Vel
BrassTrumpet1 Tenuto Vel
BrassTrumpet2 Long Con Sord MW
BrassTrumpet2 Long MW
BrassTrumpet2 Long Vibrato MW
BrassTrumpet2 Portato Con Sord MW
BrassTrumpet2 Portato MW
BrassTrumpet2 Slurred Vibrato MW
BrassTrumpet2 Tenuto Con Sord Vel
BrassTrumpet2 Tenuto Vel
BrassTuba Bb Long Con Sord MW
BrassTuba Bb Long MW
BrassTuba Bb Portato Con Sord MW
BrassTuba Bb Portato MW
BrassTuba Bb Staccato Con Sord Vel
BrassTuba Bb Tenuto Vel
BrassTuba F Long MW
BrassTuba F Portato MW
BrassTuba F Tenuto Vel
BrassWagnertuba Long MW
BrassWagnertuba Portato MW
BrassWagnertuba Tenuto Vel
BrassBass Trombone Accent MW
BrassBass Trombone Slurred MW
BrassBass Trombone Staccato Vel
BrassBass Trumpet Accent MW
BrassBass Trumpet Slurred MW
BrassBass Trumpet Staccato Vel
BrassCornet 1 Bright Accent
BrassCornet 1 Bright Slurred
BrassCornet 1 Bright Staccato
BrassCornet 2 Warm Accent
BrassCornet 2 Warm Slurred
BrassCornet 2 Warm Staccato
BrassEUPH Staccato
BrassHorn Accent MW
BrassHorn Ens Accent MW
BrassHorn Ens Slurred MW
BrassHorn Ens Staccato Vel
BrassHorn Slurred Con Sordino MW
BrassHorn Slurred MW
BrassHorn Staccato Con Sordino Vel
BrassHorn Staccato Vel
BrassJazz Trombone1 Falls Fast
BrassJazz Trumpet Cup Mute
BrassJazz Trumpet Doits
BrassJazz Trumpet Falls Fast
BrassJazz Trumpet Muted
BrassJazz Trumpet Plunger Wah
BrassJazz Trumpet Scoop Up
BrassJazz Trumpet Tonguing
BrassJazz Trumpet Trills
BrassJazz Trumpet
BrassMELS Stacatto
BrassPiccolo Trumpet Accent MW
BrassPiccolo Trumpet Slurred MW
BrassPiccolo Trumpet Staccato Vel
BrassTBAS Stacatto
BrassTPTS Stacatto
BrassTrombone Accent Con Sord MW
BrassTrombone Accent MW
BrassTrombone Slurred Con Sord MW
BrassTrombone Slurred MW
BrassTrombone Staccato Con Sord Vel
BrassTrombone Staccato Vel
BrassTrombones Accent Con Sord MW
BrassTrombones Accent MW
BrassTrombones Slurred Con Sord MW
BrassTrombones Slurred MW
BrassTrombones Stacc Con SordVel
BrassTrombones Staccato Vel
BrassTrumpet Ens Acc Con Sord MW
BrassTrumpet Ens Accent MW
BrassTrumpet Ens Slur Con Sord MW
BrassTrumpet Ens Slurred MW
BrassTrumpet Ens Stacc Con Sord Vel
BrassTrumpet Ens Stacc DbleTong Con Sord Vel
BrassTrumpet Ens Stacc DbleTong Vel
BrassTrumpet Ens Staccato Vel
BrassTrumpet1 Accent Con Sord MW
BrassTrumpet1 Accent MW
BrassTrumpet1 Slurred Con Sord MW
BrassTrumpet1 Slurred MW
BrassTrumpet1 Solo Long MW
BrassTrumpet1 Staccato Con Sord Vel
BrassTrumpet1 Staccato DbleTong Vel
BrassTrumpet1 Staccato Vel
BrassTuba Bb Accent MW
BrassTuba Bb Slurred MW
BrassTuba Bb Staccato Vel
BrassTuba F Accent MW
BrassTuba F Slurred MW
BrassTuba F Staccato Vel
BrassWagnertuba Accent MW
BrassWagnertuba Slurred MW
BrassWagnertuba Staccato Vel
Guitar12 String Acoustic
Guitar6 String Acoustic Guitar
GuitarElectric Guitar Delay
GuitarElectric Guitar Distortion
GuitarElectric Guitar Flange
GuitarElectric Guitar Harmonics
GuitarElectric Guitar Muted Harmonics
GuitarElectric Guitar Muted
GuitarElectric Guitar Overdrive
GuitarElectric Guitar Tremolo
GuitarElectric Guitar
GuitarFinger Bass
GuitarFretless Bass Guitar Polyphonic
GuitarFretless Bass Guitar
GuitarNylon Guitar
GuitarPick Bass Guitar
GuitarSlap Bass
GuitarUpright Acoustic Bass
KeyboardConcert Grand Piano
KeyboardElectric Clavichord
KeyboardElectric Piano
KeyboardHarpsichord 8 Foot Lower
KeyboardHarpsichord 8 Foot Upper
KeyboardHarpsichord 8+4
KeyboardHarpsichord 8+8+4
KeyboardHarpsichord 8+8
KeyboardHarpsichord Lute Stop
KeyboardMark 2 Electric Piano
KeyboardPercy Jazz Organ
KeyboardSkinner Organ Great
KeyboardSkinner Organ Pedal
KeyboardSkinner Organ Swell
KeyboardSoft B
KeyboardTonewheel Organ
Pitched PercussionCelesta Vel
Pitched PercussionCrotales
Pitched PercussionGlockenspiel Vel
Pitched PercussionGong 1
Pitched PercussionGong 2
Pitched PercussionGong 3
Pitched PercussionHand Bells Mallet
Pitched PercussionHand Bells Mart Mute
Pitched PercussionHand Bells Open + Damp
Pitched PercussionHand Bells Open
Pitched PercussionHand Bells Shake
Pitched PercussionHand Bells Swing
Pitched PercussionHand Bells Thumb Mute
Pitched PercussionHarp Damped
Pitched PercussionHarp Harmonics Vel
Pitched PercussionHarp Long Vel
Pitched PercussionKalimba
Pitched PercussionLithophone Vel
Pitched PercussionMarimba Vel
Pitched PercussionMetallophon Secco Vel
Pitched PercussionMetallophon Vel
Pitched PercussionTimpani Hit Vel
Pitched PercussionTimpani Roll MW
Pitched PercussionTubular Bells Vel
Pitched PercussionVibraphone
Pitched PercussionXylophone Vel
StringsBass 1 Solo Bartok Pizz Vel
StringsBass 1 Solo Long MW
StringsBass 1 Solo Pizzicato Vel
StringsBass 1 Solo Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsBass 2 Solo Bartok Pizz Vel
StringsBass 2 Solo Long MW
StringsBass 2 Solo Pizzicato Vel
StringsBass 2 Solo Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsBasses Accent MW
StringsBasses Bartok Pizz Vel
StringsBasses Chamb Long MW
StringsBasses Chamb Pizzicato Vel
StringsBasses Chamb Slurred MW
StringsBasses Chamb Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsBasses Detache Down+Up MW
StringsBasses Harmonics MW
StringsBasses Long MW
StringsBasses Marcato Vel
StringsBasses Pizzicato Vel
StringsBasses Slurred MW
StringsBasses Staccato Dn+Up MW
StringsBasses Tremolo Accent MW
StringsBasses Tremolo MW
StringsCelli Accent MW
StringsCelli Bartok Pizz Vel
StringsCelli Cham Pizzicato Vel
StringsCelli Chamb Long MW
StringsCelli Chamb Non Vib Long MW
StringsCelli Chamb Slurred MW
StringsCelli Chamb Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsCelli Chamb Tenuto Down+Up MW
StringsCelli Chamb Tremolo Accent MW
StringsCelli Chamb Tremolo Long MW
StringsCelli Col Legno Vel
StringsCelli Con Sordino Long MW
StringsCelli Detache Down+Up MW
StringsCelli Harmonics MW
StringsCelli Long MW
StringsCelli Marcato Vel
StringsCelli Molto Vib Long MW
StringsCelli Non Vib Long MW
StringsCelli Pizzicato Vel
StringsCelli Slurred MW
StringsCelli Staccato Dn+Up MW
StringsCelli Sul Ponticello Long MW
StringsCelli Tenuto Down+Up MW
StringsCelli Trem Sul Pont Long MW
StringsCelli Tremolo Accent MW
StringsCelli Tremolo MW
StringsCelli Trill Halftone MW
StringsCelli Trill Wholetone MW
StringsCello 1 Solo Bartok Pizz Vel
StringsCello 1 Solo Long MW
StringsCello 1 Solo Marcato Vel
StringsCello 1 Solo Pizzicato Vel
StringsCello 1 Solo Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsCello 1 Solo Tremolo MW
StringsCello 2 Solo Bartok Pizz Vel
StringsCello 2 Solo Long MW
StringsCello 2 Solo Marcato Vel
StringsCello 2 Solo Pizzicato Vel
StringsCello 2 Solo Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsCello 2 Solo Tremolo MW
StringsString Ensemble Pizzicato
StringsString Ensemble Staccato
StringsString Ensemble Tremolo
StringsString Ensemble
StringsViola 1 Solo Long MW
StringsViola 1 Solo Marcato Vel
StringsViola 1 Solo Pizzicato Vel
StringsViola 1 Solo Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsViola 1 Solo Tremolo MW
StringsViola 2 Solo Long MW
StringsViola 2 Solo Marcato Vel
StringsViola 2 Solo Pizzicato Vel
StringsViola 2 Solo Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsViola 2 Solo Tremolo MW
StringsViolas Accent MW
StringsViolas Bartok Pizz Vel
StringsViolas Chamb Non Vib Long MW
StringsViolas Chamb Pizzicato Vel
StringsViolas Chamb Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsViolas Chamb Tenuto Dn+Up MW
StringsViolas Chamb Trem Accent MW
StringsViolas Chamb Trem Long MW
StringsViolas Chamber Long MW
StringsViolas Chamber Slurred MW
StringsViolas Col Legno Vel
StringsViolas Con Sordino Long MW
StringsViolas Detache 4th Dn+Up MW
StringsViolas Harmonics MW
StringsViolas Long MW
StringsViolas Marcato Vel
StringsViolas Non Vib Long MW
StringsViolas Pizzicato Vel
StringsViolas Slurred MW
StringsViolas Staccato Dn+Up MW
StringsViolas Sul Ponticello Long MW
StringsViolas Tenuto Down+Up MW
StringsViolas Trem Sul Pont Long MW
StringsViolas Tremolo Accent MW
StringsViolas Tremolo MW
StringsViolas Trill Halftone MW
StringsViolas Trill Wholetone MW
StringsViolin 1 Solo Long MW
StringsViolin 1 Solo Marcato Vel
StringsViolin 1 Solo Pizzicato Vel
StringsViolin 1 Solo Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsViolin 1 Solo Tremolo MW
StringsViolin 2 Solo Long MW
StringsViolin 2 Solo Marcato Vel
StringsViolin 2 Solo Pizzicato Vel
StringsViolin 2 Solo Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsViolin 2 Solo Tremolo MW
StringsViolins Accent MW
StringsViolins Bartok Pizz Vel
StringsViolins Chamb Con Sordino MW
StringsViolins Chamb Long MW
StringsViolins Chamb Non Vib Long MW
StringsViolins Chamb Pizzicato Vel
StringsViolins Chamb Slurred MW
StringsViolins Chamb Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsViolins Chamb Tenuto Dn+Up MW
StringsViolins Chamb Trem Accent MW
StringsViolins Chamb Trem Long MW
StringsViolins Col Legno Vel
StringsViolins Con Sordino Long MW
StringsViolins Detache 4th Dn+Up MW
StringsViolins Harmonics MW
StringsViolins Long MW
StringsViolins Marcato Vel
StringsViolins Molto Vibrato Long MW
StringsViolins Non Vibrato Long MW
StringsViolins Pizzicato Vel
StringsViolins Ricochet Vel
StringsViolins Slurred MW
StringsViolins Staccato Dn+Up MW
StringsViolins Sul Ponticello Long MW
StringsViolins Sul Tasto Long MW
StringsViolins Tenuto Dn+Up MW
StringsViolins Trem Sul Pont Long MW
StringsViolins Tremolo Accent MW
StringsViolins Tremolo MW
StringsViolins Trill Halftone MW
StringsViolins Trill Wholetone MW
StringsBass Solo Bartok Pizz Vel
StringsBass Solo Long MW
StringsBass Solo Pizzicato Vel
StringsBass Solo Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsCello Solo Bartok Pizz Vel
StringsCello Solo Long MW
StringsCello Solo Marcato Vel
StringsCello Solo Pizzicato Vel
StringsCello Solo Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsCello Solo Tremolo MW
StringsViola Solo Long MW
StringsViola Solo Marcato Vel
StringsViola Solo Pizzicato Vel
StringsViola Solo Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsViola Solo Tremolo MW
StringsViolas Detache 4ths Dn+Up MW
StringsViolin Solo Long MW
StringsViolin Solo Marcato Vel
StringsViolin Solo Pizzicato Vel
StringsViolin Solo Stacc Dn+Up Vel
StringsViolin Solo Tremolo MW
StringsViolins Detache Quart Dwn+Up MW
StringsViolins Tenuto Down+Up MW
SynthAtmosphere pad
SynthBass and Lead
SynthBowed pad
SynthHalo pad
SynthLead Charang
SynthMetallic shimmer
SynthNew age pad
SynthPolysynth Pad
SynthRain synth
SynthSoundtrack synth
SynthSweep Pad
SynthSynth Bass 2
SynthSynth Bass
SynthSynth Brass 2
SynthSynth Brass
SynthSynth Voice
SynthWarm pad
SynthBrass Section
Unpitched808 Clean Kit
Unpitched808 Drive Kit
Unpitched909 Clean Kit
Unpitched909 Drive Kit
UnpitchedAfrocuban Percussion Kit
UnpitchedBata Drums
UnpitchedBrushes Kit
UnpitchedClub Kit
UnpitchedEwe Drums
UnpitchedFrame Drum
UnpitchedFusion Kit
UnpitchedGM Percussion Kit
UnpitchedGoa Kit
UnpitchedGran Cassa Vel
UnpitchedLatin Percussion Kit
UnpitchedMarching Bass Drums
UnpitchedMarching Cymbal
UnpitchedMarching Snares
UnpitchedMarching Tenor Line
UnpitchedOrchestral Bass Drum
UnpitchedStudio Drum Kit
UnpitchedTaiko Drums Pitched
UnpitchedTaiko Drums
UnpitchedTam Tam Single Hit and Damped
UnpitchedTemple Blocks Vel
UnpitchedPiatti A Due Stopped Vel
UnpitchedPiatti A Due Vel
UnpitchedTenor Line
VoiceChoir Aah
VoiceChoir Ooh
VoiceFemale Choir Aah
VoiceFemale Choir Ooh
VoiceMale Choir Aah
VoiceMale Choir Ooh
WindAlto Flute Fluttertongue MW
WindAlto Flute Long MW
WindAlto Flute Non Vib Long MW
WindAlto Flute Portato MW
WindAlto Flute Tenuto Vel
WindAlto Flute Trill Halftone MW
WindAlto Flute Trill Wholetone MW
WindAlto Sax Non Vib Long MW
WindAlto Saxophone Long MW
WindAlto Saxophone Tenuto Vel
WindBass Clarinet Long MW
WindBass Clarinet Portato MW
WindBass Clarinet Tenuto Vel
WindBass Flute Long MW
WindBass Flute Long Soft MW
WindBass Flute Non Vib MW
WindBass Flute Portato MW
WindBass Flute Portato Soft MW
WindBassoon 1 Long MW
WindBassoon 1 Non Vib Long MW
WindBassoon 1 Non Vib Portato MW
WindBassoon 1 Non Vib Slurred MW
WindBassoon 1 Portato MW
WindBassoon 1 Staccatissimo Vel
WindBassoon 1 Tenuto Vel
WindBassoon 2 Long MW
WindBassoon 2 Non Vib Long MW
WindBassoon 2 Non Vib Portato MW
WindBassoon 2 Non Vib Slurred MW
WindBassoon 2 Portato MW
WindBassoon 2 Staccatissimo Vel
WindBassoon 2 Tenuto Vel
WindClarinet Bb1 Long MW
WindClarinet Bb1 Portato MW
WindClarinet Bb1 Tenuto Vel
WindClarinet Bb1 Trill Halftone MW
WindClarinet Bb1 Trill Wholetone MW
WindClarinet Bb2 Long MW
WindClarinet Bb2 Portato MW
WindClarinet Bb2 Tenuto Vel
WindClarinet Bb2 Trill Halftone MW
WindClarinet Bb2 Trill Wholetone MW
WindClarinet Eb Long MW
WindClarinet Eb Portato MW
WindClarinet Eb Tenuto Vel
WindContra Bassoon Long MW
WindContra Bassoon Portato MW
WindContra Bassoon Tenuto Vel
WindEnglish Horn Long MW
WindEnglish Horn Portato MW
WindEnglish Horn Tenuto Vel
WindFlute1 Fluttertongue MW
WindFlute1 Long MW
WindFlute1 Non Vib Long MW
WindFlute1 Non Vib Portato MW
WindFlute1 Non Vib Slurred Long MW
WindFlute1 Portato MW
WindFlute1 Tenuto Vel
WindFlute1 Trill Halftone MW
WindFlute1 Trill Wholetone MW
WindFlute2 Fluttertongue MW
WindFlute2 Long MW
WindFlute2 Non Vib Long MW
WindFlute2 Non Vib Portato MW
WindFlute2 Non Vib Slurred Long MW
WindFlute2 Portato MW
WindFlute2 Tenuto Vel
WindFlute2 Trill Halftone MW
WindFlute2 Trill Wholetone MW
WindHeckelphone Long MW
WindHeckelphone Portato MW
WindHeckelphone Tenuto Vel
WindJazz Alto Sax 1 Doits
WindJazz Alto Sax 1 Falls
WindJazz Alto Sax 1 Growl
WindJazz Alto Sax 1 Plop
WindJazz Alto Sax 1 Scoop Up
WindJazz Alto Sax 1
WindJazz Alto Sax 2 Doits
WindJazz Alto Sax 2 Falls
WindJazz Alto Sax 2 Growl
WindJazz Alto Sax 2 Plop
WindJazz Alto Sax 2 Scoop Up
WindJazz Alto Sax 2
WindJazz Baritone Sax Doits
WindJazz Baritone Sax Falls
WindJazz Baritone Sax Growl
WindJazz Baritone Sax Plop
WindJazz Baritone Sax Scoop
WindJazz Baritone Sax Staccato
WindJazz Baritone Sax
WindJazz Flute Vibrato
WindJazz Flute
WindJazz Soprano Sax Doits
WindJazz Soprano Sax Falls
WindJazz Soprano Sax Growl
WindJazz Soprano Sax Plop
WindJazz Soprano Sax Scoop
WindJazz Soprano Sax
WindJazz Tenor Sax 1 Doits
WindJazz Tenor Sax 1 Falls
WindJazz Tenor Sax 1 Growl
WindJazz Tenor Sax 1 Plop
WindJazz Tenor Sax 1 Scoop
WindJazz Tenor Sax 1
WindJazz Tenor Sax 2 Doits
WindJazz Tenor Sax 2 Falls
WindJazz Tenor Sax 2 Growl
WindJazz Tenor Sax 2 Plop
WindJazz Tenor Sax 2 Scoop
WindJazz Tenor Sax 2
WindOboe 1 Long MW
WindOboe 1 Non Vib Long MW
WindOboe 1 Non Vib Portato MW
WindOboe 1 Non Vib Slurred MW
WindOboe 1 Portato MW
WindOboe 1 Tenuto Vel
WindOboe 1 Trill Halftone MW
WindOboe 1 Trill Wholetone MW
WindOboe 2 Long MW
WindOboe 2 Non Vib Long MW
WindOboe 2 Non Vib Portato MW
WindOboe 2 Non Vib Slurred MW
WindOboe 2 Portato MW
WindOboe 2 Tenuto Vel
WindOboe 2 Trill Halftone MW
WindOboe 2 Trill Wholetone MW
WindOboe D'Amore Long MW
WindOboe D'Amore Portato MW
WindOboe D'Amore Tenuto Vel
WindPiccolo Long MW
WindPiccolo Portato MW
WindPiccolo Tenuto Vel
WindRecorder 1 Soprano Long
WindRecorder 1 Soprano Portato
WindRecorder 1 Soprano Tenuto
WindRecorder 2 Alto Long
WindRecorder 2 Alto Portato
WindRecorder 2 Alto Tenuto
WindTenor Sax Non Vib Long MW
WindTenor Saxophone Long MW
WindTenor Saxophone Tenuto Vel
WindWind Group
WindAlto Flute Accent MW
WindAlto Flute Slurred MW
WindAlto Flute Staccato Doubletongue Vel
WindAlto Flute Staccato Vel
WindAlto Sax Doits
WindAlto Sax Falls
WindAlto Sax Growl
WindAlto Sax Scoop Up
WindAlto Sax
WindAlto Saxophone Accent MW
WindAlto Saxophone Slurred MW
WindAlto Saxophone Staccato Vel
WindBaritone Sax Doits
WindBaritone Sax Falls
WindBaritone Sax Growl
WindBaritone Sax Scoop
WindBaritone Sax Staccato
WindBaritone Sax
WindBass Clarinet Accent MW
WindBass Clarinet Slurred MW
WindBass Clarinet Staccato Vel
WindBass Flute Accent MW
WindBass Flute Slurred MW
WindBass Flute Staccato Vel
WindBassoon Accent MW
WindBassoon Long MW
WindBassoon Non Vib Long MW
WindBassoon Non Vib Portato MW
WindBassoon Non Vib Slurred MW
WindBassoon Portato MW
WindBassoon Slurred MW
WindBassoon Staccatissimo Vel
WindBassoon Staccato MW
WindBassoon Tenuto Vel
WindClarinet Bb 1 Accent MW
WindClarinet Bb 1 Long MW
WindClarinet Bb 1 Portato MW
WindClarinet Bb 1 Slurred MW
WindClarinet Bb 1 Staccato Dbletong Vel
WindClarinet Bb 1 Staccato MW
WindClarinet Bb 1 Tenuto Vel
WindClarinet Bb 1 Trill Halftone MW
WindClarinet Bb 1 Trill Wholetone MW
WindClarinet Eb Accent MW
WindClarinet Eb Slurred MW
WindClarinet Eb Staccato Vel
WindContra Bassoon Accent MW
WindContra Bassoon Slurred MW
WindContra Bassoon Staccato Vel
WindEnglish Horn Accent MW
WindEnglish Horn Slurred MW
WindEnglish Horn Staccato Vel
WindFlute Accent MW
WindFlute Fluttertongue MW
WindFlute Long MW
WindFlute Non Vib Long MW
WindFlute Non Vib Portato MW
WindFlute Non Vib Slurred Long MW
WindFlute Portato MW
WindFlute Slurred MW
WindFlute Staccato DbleTong Vel
WindFlute Staccato MW
WindFlute Tenuto Vel
WindFlute Trill Halftone MW
WindFlute Trill Wholetone MW
WindHeckelphone Accent MW
WindHeckelphone Staccato Vel
WindMelodica Mod Wheel
WindOboe Accent MW
WindOboe D'Amore Accent MW
WindOboe D'Amore Slurred MW
WindOboe D'Amore Staccato Vel
WindOboe Long MW
WindOboe Non Vib Long MW
WindOboe Non Vib Portato MW
WindOboe Non Vib Slurred MW
WindOboe Portato MW
WindOboe Slurred MW
WindOboe Staccato Dbletong Vel
WindOboe Staccato MW
WindOboe Tenuto Vel
WindOboe Trill Halftone MW
WindOboe Trill Wholetone MW
WindPiccolo Accent MW
WindPiccolo Slurred MW
WindPiccolo Staccato DbleTong Vel
WindPiccolo Staccato Vel
WindRecorder 1 Soprano Accent
WindRecorder 1 Soprano Slurred
WindRecorder 1 Soprano Staccato
WindRecorder 2 Alto Accent
WindRecorder 2 Alto Slurred
WindRecorder 2 Alto Staccato
WindTenor Sax Doits
WindTenor Sax Falls
WindTenor Sax Growl
WindTenor Sax Scoop
WindTenor Sax
WindTenor Saxophone Accent MW
WindTenor Saxophone Slurred MW
WindTenor Saxophone Staccato Vel
[spoiler=Read info Avid Sibelius 7 Installer DVD + Content Discs [DMG]]Avid - Sibelius 7: 4xContent DVDs
The latest generation of the world’s best-selling music notation software, Avid Sibelius 7 is sophisticated enough to meet the demands of top composers, arrangers, and publishers, yet simple enough for beginners and students. Work quickly with the brand-new, task-oriented user interface. Experience your scores in stunning clarity with the exclusive, professional-quality sound library. Collaborate more easily thanks to full MusicXML interchange support and other sharing options. With all these advancements and many more, Sibelius 7 is the fastest, smartest, easiest way to write music.
Task-oriented user interfaceTask-oriented user interface
The brand-new Sibelius 7 user interface provides task-focused tabs that lead you through the process of creating a score from start to finish. Every feature has both an icon and a text description—which you can access via a button or a keyboard shortcut—with full contextual help available when you need it.
Professional sound library—only in SibeliusProfessional sound library—only in Sibelius
You finesse every detail of your score—you want to hear every nuance during playback. Sibelius 7 includes more than 38 GB of professional content, including a specially recorded symphony orchestra, rock and pop instruments, and much more. This exclusive content is only available in Sibelius 7.
64-bit logo Native 64-bit support—only in Sibelius
Today’s 64-bit capable hardware and operating systems provide big speed and memory advantages. Sibelius 7 is the world’s first 64-bit notation software, enabling you to unlock the full power of your 64-bit system—and work more quickly, with more virtual instruments and effects, than ever before.
Optimized for single monitor use—only in SibeliusOptimized for single monitor use—only in Sibelius
We understand that many of our customers favor laptops or other single-display systems. That’s why we designed the Sibelius 7 interface to allow you to focus on the music at all times—and easily hide information that you only need to see occasionally.
Switch to Sibelius from Finale
There’s never been a better time to switch from Finale® to Sibelius. Sibelius now features a step-time note input method that is very similar to Finale software’s Speedy Entry method—right down to using many of the same keystrokes. So if you know how to input notes in Finale, you know Sibelius too. And because today’s workflows include a wide variety of software applications, Sibelius 7 now includes full MusicXML export capability, so you can exchange files with hundreds of other applications, including Finale.
Text and typography enhancementsText and typography enhancements
Take advantage of the latest OpenType fonts, including advanced features like ligatures, and employ them in text frames with full DTP-level capabilities. There’s no need to export projects to a separate DTP application—now you can complete many of them within Sibelius 7.
Graphics import and exportGraphics import and export
Sibelius 7 makes it easy to import graphics in all major formats, then manipulate them to build complex layouts for publishing, creating teaching materials, instructional books, and more. You can export the full score as publication-quality graphics in PDF format, plus individual pages or smaller sections in EPS, PNG, and SVG formats. It’s never been faster or easier to finish the job to the highest standards.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=AudioScore Ultimate v7 [MAC OSX iNTEL]]Neuratron - AudioScore Ultimate v7 [MAC OSX iNTEL] iND
Create scores from MP3s and CD tracks! Using the most intelligent technology available AudioScore Ultimate 7 is able to convert up to 16 instruments / notes playing at a time into multiple staves, with up to 4 voices per staff.
Send the results directly to Sibelius or save MusicXML, NIFF and MIDI files for use in most other music programs such as Finale or Cubase. Alternatively, allow AudioScore Ultimate 7 to print out a professional quality score for you.
AudioScore Ultimate 7 even allows the intricate nuances of a performance to be viewed, played and edited, such as the subtle changes in pitch, volume and timing.
Alternatively, produce new versions of music using MIDI instruments - you choose which ones. AudioScore analyzes the original music in great detail so is able to play back with great realism - open one of your favorite songs and hear it performed by a brass band or string quartet!
What AudioScore Recognizes
Styles ranging from solo & chamber music to jazz & pop
A wide range of music performed by non-percussion instruments
All pitches ranging from F0 to C8
The instrument performing each note
Transcribes notes and rests as short as 32nd note
Triplets, duplets, key signatures and clefs
Pitch and volume changes at a resolution of 0.01 seconds[/spoiler]
[spoiler=PhotoScore Ultimate v7 [MAC OSX iNTEL]]Neuratron - PhotoScore Ultimate 7 [MAC]
PhotoScore Ultimate is the full-featured version of the PhotoScore Lite scanning software for Sibelius. This powerful software can also scan music into other MIDI software, such as sequencers. You can even use it on its own to scan in, play back, transpose, and print scores, and even save audio files.
PhotoScore Ultimate reads printed and handwritten music or PDFs in seconds—not just the notes, but also printed slurs, dynamics, lyrics, guitar tab, chord diagrams, and more. You can then edit or transpose the music, play it back, extract the parts, and print—just as if you'd input it yourself.
PhotoScore Ultimate provides a variety of time-saving features, such as a "bad timing navigator" that makes it quick and easy to find and correct rhythmic errors. There’s also a Find and Replace dialog that enables you to fix lots of identical errors (for example, in text) in a single operation.
Improved handwritten music recognition–new in PhotoScore Ultimate 7
AudioScore Ultimate 7 instantly recognizes handwritten music—no need to describe the style of handwriting. You get exceptional accuracy, including support for dynamics and hairpins, among other musical styles.
Additional enhancements
Version 7 delivers additional enhancements, such as improved, integrated support for PDF files, more accurate recognition of printed text; faster, easier, and more versatile editing; and an enhanced Pages pane.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=PhotoScore Ultimate 6.1 [WIN]]Neuratron PhotoScore Ultimate 6.1-UNION
More than 16 years experience in recognition technologies have enabled us to design and create the formidable OmniScore²™ dual-engine recognition system, incredibly making PhotoScore Ultimate 6 over 99.5% accurate on most originals!
PhotoScore Ultimate 6 picks out virtually every detail and even recognizes 4 and 6 line guitar tablature, 1, 2 and 3 line percussion staves. It is the world's first and only commercial program available that is also designed to read handwritten scores.
Ease-of-use has been a central design aim right from the start, and with automatic scanning and recognition, plus licensed Sibelius-style editing interfaces, PhotoScore Ultimate 6 even becomes fun and exciting to use![/spoiler] Удачная установка:

Проблемы и решения:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREAvidSibelius SoundsSibelius 7 SoundsContentPath] После этого сохраните файл и смените разрешение с .txt на .reg... и запустите файл, подтвердив добавление записей в реестр.
а) Если файлы начали распаковываться..... ждем завершения.
После окончания распаковки (а это немало! времени) сразу переходим к пункту 2.
б) Если инсталятор создал папку, а в ней ничего нет:
Пункт 2.
Запускаем Sibelius.
Во вкладке Play.. Жмем сюда -->

Выбираем Sibelius 7 Sounds. Жмем вверху кнопку New... и создаем новую конфигурацию. Затем тыкаем в Active Devices по Sibelius Player, затем жмем кнопки Deactivate и Activate. Затем жмем кнопку Test - сибелиус немного задумывается - звук есть. Жмем кнопку SAVE (и в дальнейшем используем сохраненную конфигурацию).
Содержимое данной раздачи предоставлено Вам исключительно в ознакомительных целях!
Все права на конкретные продукты принадлежат их правообладателям.
Если вы воспользовались программными продуктами,то подразумевается,что вы являетесь обладателем лицензии
или же удалите данные продукты по истечении ознакомительного периода использования.
За правонарушения,связанные с не лицензированным использованием,представленной продукции,
автор ответственности не несет.
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