Harrison Mixbus v 2.3 and Plugins

Harrison Mixbus v 2.3 and Plugins
Harrison Mixbus v 2.3 представляет собой полнофункциональную виртуальную рабочую станцию.

Harrison Mixbus v 2.3 - это решение для инженеров, которые нуждаются в звуковой системе мирового уровня для записи, редактировании и сведения. Концоли Харисона известны своими великолепно звучащими эквалайзерами, Фильтрами, динамическими обработками. Harrison Mixbus v 2.3 даёт возможность пользователю записывать, редактировать и микшировать музыкальное произведение и получать классическое аналоговое звучание. Вам представляется возможность работать в традиционной аналоговой звукозаписывающей студии при сохранении удобства DAW.
New Features Harrison Mixbus v 2.3:
- Pre-installed XTools for Mixbus: XT-ME Mastering Equalizer, XT-MC Multi-band Compressor, XT-EQ Equalizer. To use these plugins, you must purchase a license at http://mixbus.harrisonconsoles.com.
- New features for "Essentials" plugins: GVerb+ now has input high-pass filter, and adjustable predelay up to 150ms. 3D Triple Delay now has a tap-tempo button, and a selectable oversampling value to balance modulation quality vs CPU load.
- Major bussing workflow improvements: Hover over a track's bus assignment buttons to see the list of new features.
- Major editing workflow improvements: The "implicit range" no longer exists. Instead, the user may use the, (comma) and .(period) buttons to set the start and end points of the edit range. This, combined with a complete overhaul of keybindings, provides an editing workflow that will be very comfortable to users of other audio and video editors.
Improvements & Fixes (all platforms):
- Refined keymap. Keymap is no longer able to be edited by users, but it now incorporates "alternative" bindings for major functions so that users of other popular DAWs will have their keys available at the same time as the existing Mixbus functions.
- Alt+m toggles edit window and mix window more reliably, and handles multi-monitor setups better.
- Master tape saturation can now go down to -40dB.
- Holding Alt while adjusting a fader with the mousewheel will now override the group.
- Importing audio defaults to highest quality SRC.
- Backup files now have their own directory in the session folder.
- Separate and split now share the same key command.
- Transparent regions were double-summing the underlying region during crossfade. This has been fixed.
- Selecting a plugin preset will now mark the session as "dirty" so it will prompt the user to save when quitting. This will solve some problems where plugins did not seem to remember their settings.

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Год выпуска: 05. 2013
Версия: 2.3
Разработчик: Harrison Consoles
Платформа: Windows
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство не требуется(CHAOS).
Размер архива: 72.5 Мб.

Harrison Mixbus v 2.3 and Plugins



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