Audio Warrior Vintage Analog Synths

Audio Warrior Vintage Analog Synths
Audio Warrior Vintage Analog Synths - лучшие звуки 7-ми известных аналоговых и цифровых синтезаторов 60-ых и 70-ых.

Коллекция содержит leads, pads, bass, FX известных синтезаторов Rolanr Juno, Oberheim, Moog, Prophet, Oscar и других.
The Holy Grail of Analogue Sythesizer Leads, Bass', FX, Pads. The best sounds of 7 Famous Analogue and Digital Synthesizers from the 60's & 70's that have shaped our civilization are now yours to do with what you will by land, by air, or sea.
Evolving Alien Environments and Soundscapes including Rain & Thunder, The Grays, BladeRunner, RAIN, Deep Sea, Alien Locust, Ethereal Bog, Frogs of Plague.
Searing Synth Leads, DEEP Shaking Bass patches, FX, Trippy Pads based on Juno, Oberheim, Moog, Prophet, Oscar, and more. Herein contain sounds that made synths irresistibly cool.
Every famous sound is included that put synths on the map. Digitized for maximum flexibility for use in Native-Instruments Kontakt.
Once you have them activated and on screen, further twist them into pulsating textures and pitch wheel them into pandemonium.

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Год выпуска: 04. 2011
Формат: nki, nkm, wave
Платформа: Windows
Семплер: Kontakt
Язык интерфейса: английский
Лекарство не требуется
Размер архива: 175 Мб.

Audio Warrior Vintage Analog Synths - библиотека сэмплов(Kontakt)

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